Big Sean – “Only Two Can Win” (J. Dilla Tribute)

02.11.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

“See everybody wanna go to big deal from no deal/To make it to the top you still gotta go uphill…”

With James Dewett Yancey’s birth and death date both within the past week, Hip-Hop has been on its A-Game with paying respects to the man affectionately known as “J. Dilla.” Add fellow Detroit native Big Sean to that list. In his own words:

In honor of J. Dilla being one of the most influential producers of all time, I decided to lay a verse to one of my favorite tracks off of J. Dilla’s Donuts. Being from Detroit I feel I have a responsibility to honor his legacy n continue it in my own way. His soul will live forever… RIP J. Dilla

With (the great majority of) Dilla’s fans so overprotective of his work and legacy, it’s not going to surprise me if there’s a significant backlash for this. You know the old argument in rap. “(insert name) would have never worked with (insert name) if (re-insert first name) was still alive.” Regardless, cheers to Sean pouring out a little audio liquor for his hometown legend and dropping some very quality bars in the process. I was never the biggest Dilla fan, but respect is given when it’s due.

Big Sean – “Only Two Can Win” (J. Dilla Tribute)

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