Blake Kelly – “Rolling”

03.30.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

With the weather taking a permanent turn for the warmer (in some parts of the country), the return of one of America’s favorite past times is upon us – loud music, low windows and the open road. Now, I’m not saying go all Jason Peters and catch a charge, but music sounds better in the car for some unknown, but accepted reason. Blake Kelly is working on his newest audio compilation, Plane Mode, and the first look into the project is the bouncy and THC-friendly “Rolling.”

The song itself does not reinvent the wheel, change the course of Hip Hop history with its presence nor will it be enough to tip the scale and eventually convince Congress to legalize marijuana. That being said, however, it is worthy enough to burn a handful of J’s and/or blunts to because of its carefree nature. Before the aforementioned project’s release, Kelly will be teaming up with the DMV’s own DJ Soundwave for Who Is Blake Kelly? to reacclimate those familiar with his sound and those who were previously unaware. It’s almost summertime. Everybody needs theme music.


Blake Kelly – “Rolling”

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