Blaqstarr Feat. Talib Kweli – “War Of Roses”

03.30.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Words by C. Paicely

Most have only heard the name “Blaqstarr” in association with M.I.A’s last two albums, producing and co-writing a few of the Sri Lankan firecracker’s cuts, but the multifaceted Marylander is branching away from Maya’s musical umbrella, opting to pop out his own material.

Blaqstarr immediately reveals a connection to old school rock with “War of Roses,” recreating a sound associated with wild-haired rebellion and acid trips. The track escalates continually, with an increasingly-potent drumbeat burrowing into our heads, rocking them back and forth. This song, refreshingly catchy, calls on an unusual tempo and temperament from Talib Kweli, evoking less of the complex linguistics we’re used to and more of the beat-riding smoothness he’s capable of.

Blaqstarr’s self-titled mixtape drops April 12th and will be available for download from his website,


Blaqstarr Feat. Talib Kweli – “War Of Roses”

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