Danny Brown & Dopehead – “Errthang”

09.18.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

“I’m from Detroit, where they killin’ aggins over Space Jams/ At the funeral, chilled with the preacher, Amen/ Took steps down from Yay’s, they robbin’ over Ray Bans”

Grab a six pack of Heineken and your baseball bat, because we’ve got some new Bruiser Brigade. Menacing from the first second, “Errthang” is the first single from the Detroit clique’s Scion A/V-sponsored EP, which drops this Wednesday and features Danny Brown & Dopehead stylishly showing off their twisted personal lives over SKYWLKR’s bottomless bass and twitchy synths.

If you were to see these three in person, they might not appear to be the most intimidating guys in the room, but barbed-wire bangers like this will sure make you think twice before testing their crazy.

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