Childish Gambino’s “Body” Featuring Prodigy Axed In Favor Of Tina Fey

07.09.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Semtex got his hands on Childish Gambino’s track “Body” featuring Prodigy, a track that was originally slated for Gambino’s recently released Royalty mixtape. When the tape dropped, we joked that it was the only place where anyone would find Alley Boy and Tina Fey occupying the same space. But with the release of “Body,” I’ve realized that Mobb Deep may have fallen behind the times since P’s feature got replaced by a white woman yappin’ about dropping “racks at Nordstroms.” She’s clearly the bigger name draw (and she makes my loins scorching hot), so I don’t think there was a question why she made the cut*. I just pray there’s a video for “Real Estate” in the works.

Download Royalty from here.

Childish Gambino Feat. Prodigy – “Body”

Childish Gambino Feat. Alley Boy, Swank, and Tina Fey – “Real Estate”

Who: Semtex

*Imagine if she was on “Glamor Life” with Ghost though…

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