Chris Brown Disses Drake In “I Don’t Like” Freestyle

06.30.12 6 years ago 33 Comments

Just when the commotion behind the Chris Brown-Drake fiasco seemed to subsiding, Chris went as pissed gasoline onto the fire. Everybody in rap must’ve drank from the same cup of courage because while Breezy doesn’t exactly name names, there’s no confusion who he’s discussing with lines like “They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models just ’cause I give a bitch long pipe…I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, fight” are laid out there and Drake’s OVO imprint’s directly mentioned. F*ck it though. Get’em, Chris!

Chris gif

Also, don’t fall out of your chair…but Game’s on the song as well.

Game & Chris Brown – “I Don’t Like (Freestyle)” (Drake Diss)

S/O: DJ Orator via X.

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