Cocaine 80’s & Common – “Motivation”

05.30.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

See, this is where confusion sets in. I was under the impression Common was apart of Cocaine 80’s, and if he is, why is it “Cocaine 80’s AND Common”? It’s like reading “Cee-Lo AND Goodie Mob.” Luckily enough, however, the quality of the music doesn’t take a dip as the random leaks keep emerging with no end in sight with the latest to the camp being “Motivation.”

Showcasing a more than ample build up of verses, a hook and bridge, there is no letdown prior or after Com’s verse which happens to be impressive in its own right. No one should will ever complain about new music and how it is presented, but at some point C80 will let us in on the method to their madness. They appear as enigmatic as the members making up its musical DNA; a trait that seems to work to their advantage as far as presentation is concerned. Speaking on behalf of everyone considering themselves a fan of the 80’s, with all due respect, when the hell is the album dropping?

Cocaine 80’s & Common – “Motivation”


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