DJ Khaled Feat. Exactly Who You Expect

01.13.11 7 years ago 25 Comments


I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even if you can duct tape it and wiggle it to the left a little, it’s perfectly fine in Khaled Khaled’s kitchen. Who knows why he keeps rehashing the same formula to kick off every one of his albums? Maybe because a good 500,000 of you are good for tossing a single down the iTunes drain and help justify the entire project’s existence off the strength of one set of numbers alone.

Ross. Plies. T-Pain. Wayne. Stop me if you’ve seen this movie before. We’ve been/stayed/shot/played/laughed/fought in the hood and now that Khaled is underneath Cash Money’s mind control ray umbrella, expect more of the same of the same, year in, year out.

All he does is win but his championship mantle is looking like the Buffalo Bills’. We The Best Forever, coming soon.


DJ Khaled Feat. Rick Ross, Plies, T-Pain & Lil Wayne – “Welcome To My Hood”

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