Do We Really Need Another Illmatic?

04.22.11 7 years ago 37 Comments

There’s really no way to dispute why people are so excited for Elzhi’s upcoming ELmatic mixtape. This highly-anticipated project has been talked about for quite some time now and features one of Hip-Hop’s most poetic pens reigniting beats from the genre’s crown jewel. The latest leak, “Detroit State Of Mind,” easily exemplifies why people rave over both the featured MC and his predecessor’s famed project.

Yet, as good as Elz is and no matter how inspiring Nas’ debut will always be, does anyone else feel this concept has been driven into the ground? Fashawn released his Ode To Illmatic last summer. Villematic was J. Cole’s take. Do we really need a another version when the original will never be topped? And, how about when the newest MC to lend his lyrics happens to only have one real solo release and drops tracks less frequently than John Henry’s corpse?

Or, maybe I just expect too much from my city’s most underrated talent. Maybe?

Elzhi – “Detroit State of Mind”

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