Gensu Dean Feat. 7evenThirty & Homeboy Sandman – “Ramesses”

05.10.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Despite the fact I typically hate recycling press releases, the bruising details behind Gensu Dean’s “Ramesses” are so well described by Mello Music Group’s promo team, I couldn’t help but bite.

“Ramesses” is a term for ancient Egyptian royalty, Pharaohs to be specific. If Hip-Hop was Kemet, The Imperial Gensu Dean would be among the regal few. At a time when the music is drowned in a sea of thin synths and weak stock drums, Dean consciously keeps it analog, relying on the tried and true SP-1200 and stacks of records.

For his newest single, “Ramesses”, Gensu Dean enlists two up-and-coming rhyme kings in their own right, the dexterous Homeboy Sandman and the ferocious 7evenThirty, to compliment his apocalyptic beat. Matching a mean guitar riff with gunshot drums and a wailing vocal sample, Dean provides intense energy, allowing 7evenThirty to wild out and rap about busting through the side of mountains, mummifying opponents and riding on the back of the Sphinx. Homeboy Sandman provides a good counterbalance; rapping with equal lyrical intensity but taking the everyman route, reminding us of when he would drink water to quell hunger and lie about cutting McDonalds out of his diet.

Is it just me or does that epic description read like Steven Spielberg wrote it? Either way, the song is essentially unrefined Hip-Hop at its finest and deserves not only a quality critique, but a few minutes of your ears’ time.

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