Jean Grae – “You Don’t Like It (So What)”

03.11.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

The snarky subliminal found in the title of Jean Greasy’s new single should come as no surprise as her cerebral cortex has been known to illuminate the show for sometime now, almost mirroring the fictional version of her moniker to strikingly close proximity. Approaching a beat with the A-B-C formula of lyric-lyric-punchline is like a peanut butter & jelly to woman; it bores her to the point where the majority of her raps have become sort of an inside joke to all those able to keep up like pills of Viagra.

With her sweet tooth still alive and carious (the album Cake Or Death is up next), your neighborhood spider woman is slinging free sugar in the form of Cookies Or Commas to spoil your appetite for any other mixtape this spring. That Jean never learned to play fair.


Jean Grae – “You Don’t Like It (So What)”

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