John Hart Feat. IamSu! – “Who Booty”

05.27.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Most men prefer either a quality set of chesticles or a behind that will make you grab a hanky. But, unless you’re Kanye, it’s either one or the other. Well, apparently IamSu! and up & coming singer John Hart are ass men, which is very evident on their new single “Who Booty.” Serenading a sensual banger provided by producer Raw Smoov, HBK and Hitman Hart lay claim to those fine females with rotund assets and provide what could potentially be both a bedroom enhancement and strip club money-maker for Big Booty Judy’s around the globe.

If you’re reading this and about to download, here’s to hoping you see the fruits of your leisure sooner than later.

John Hart Feat. IamSu! – “Who Booty” (Prod. by Raw Smoov)

Props: HNHH

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