Pulled Over By The Cops (The Cool Kids, Freddie Gibbs, Chip Tha Ripper) – “Authority”

02.18.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Driving home from the bars is always risky business. Watch the swerves, the speed and the road. Always search not only for the median but also the crow-black squad cars that line the perimeters of the highway. The minute those red and blue lights start flickering, a few Hail Marys and a quick practice of the alphabet backwards are the only two options that keep a potential visit to the slammer from happening.

Listening to the new Hip-Hop super-group, Pulled Over By The Cops – consisting of The Cool Kids, Freddie Gibbs, Chip Tha Ripper and Bun B periodically – marks the complete antithesis of making those ballsy, inebriated drives back home. And their first single, “Authority,” only plays down the potential danger. The sparse beat by Blended Babies accentuates the calmness that’s needed to successfully execute these late-night excursions. Each MC adds their own cool take on avoiding potential harassment from 5-0, with lines like “Now you know damn well that I ain’t do shit/my record’s cleaner than your grandparents’ house” sounding confident enough to talk oneself out of a potential breathalyzer test.


Pulled Over By The Cops (The Cool Kids, Freddie Gibbs, Chip Tha Ripper) Feat. Nate Santos – “Authority” (Prod. by Blended Babies)

Props: FSD

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