Rashad Feat. P.A. Flex – “Be True”

05.17.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

“The best music is elevator music.”

That’s debatable. If you’re stuffed into a gerbil cage of a Midtown elevator, then it’s going to suck despite the music. However, if you’re talking about Columbus producer and musician Rashad, then Elevator Music is the soulfully imbued harmonizing of the Hip-Hop Gods. Rashad’s latest, “Be True,” features the trademark Buckeye State thump that buoys many of his tracks. Silky MC P.A. Flex takes over rhyming duties, gifting a few bars as a hushed woodwind section and joyous chorus see “Be True” to its end.

Looking to spread his music outside Ohio, Rashad recently made a trip to the famed Beatminerz Radio in Brooklyn. Watch as Rashad kicks it with Evil Dee and DJ Goldminer and explains how he makes proper “elevator music.”

Rashad Feat. P.A. Flex – “Be True”

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