Rashad – “Jam (That’s My Sh*t)”

07.01.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

The melody is the poison, the harmony is the needle and the hardened dedication to his craft makes for the plunger and syringe. Rashad Thomas is a certified music junkie. There’s no need for the Columbus, OH musician to join some sort of anonymous group, however. He’s out in the open with his addiction and letting it show with his upcoming project, titled Museum. The first hit comes in the form of “Jam (That’s My Sh*t)” where the crooner slash rapper name drops several of the influences that got him tying that rubberband to his arm.

Music. It’s a hell of a drug. Find Rashad on Twitter @rashadmusic and elevate the game.

Rashad – “Jam (That’s My Sh*t)

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