Skylar Grey Makes Solo Songs Too

06.20.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Her backup game has mirrored Jason Terry’s in her respective field and finally, Skylar Grey is poised to take her musicianship to the next level. Namely, the level that won’t have this Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter considered to be standing in someone else’s shadow. It probably goes without saying that her contributions to Dirty Money’s “Coming Home” and Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor” were the most memorable, but the iTunes generation isn’t recognizing such billing. It’s your name that has to be in headlights to receive the shine.

Ms. Grey isn’t oblivious to this little sacred truth and she seemingly was more than ready to seize the moment when it fell into her lap. The kind of moments that are destined to be stuck in your head for roughly six hours throughout the day. As her debut album is slated for a third quarter 2011 release, Skylar wants to double as Anna Marie and Susan Storm with Invinsible.

Supported by her ever trustworthy producer, Alex da Kid and his favored drum patterns, the lead single “Invisible” plays to ears of the outcasted teenager, shunned by society. Make no mistake, however. The lush and moving record still packs a melody that will surely embed in their memory banks with every increased radio spin.

Skylar Grey – “Invisible” (Prod. By Alex Da Kid)

On the b-side for “Dance Without You,” the sentiment of recluse is still apparent but at least the scissors were exchanged for a pair of sneakers to cut a rug with. Self-mutulation is such a messy ordeal.

Skylar Grey – “Dance Without You” (Prod. By Alex Da Kid)

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