Yelawolf Feat. Kid Rock – “Let’s Roll”

10.28.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

If you thought Yela’s first single with Lil Jon was a tad too crunk to properly set the tone for what could be the most productive career for a white rapper since Eminem, “Let’s Roll” may be a more marketable road to the promise land. After stealing his boss’s 4GS and dialing up Kid Rock for the hook, the Shady recruit set aside his bottle of Jack, sweated out some Crimson Tide pride and poured his soul into this Alabama anthem for a new generation. Despite the song’s earning potential, some will say the record’s somewhat corny and maybe others will claim the Bad Ass Brew owner could have come more correct.

But, to most of us, just seeing a genuine, hard-working talent like Yela doing tracks with his idols and watching his career manifest properly is good enough.

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