Don’t Worry, Drew Brees Is Still The Messiah Despite Lockout

05.07.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

I may have mentioned an unbiased love for our Lord and Savior Drew Breesus, who tossed touchdowns for our sins a couple of seasons ago. There were worries that, during the lockout, we wouldn’t hear any words from the gospel of Drew. But fear not, the Saints QB has come out of his own pocket to assemble his disciples for another run to glory, holding players only practices that he’s footing the total bill for.

Turn to chapter Sportscasm:

“We would all be working out somewhere anyway, so why not do it together,” Brees said. “I feel like this is putting us way ahead of other teams by having it so organized.”That being said, if people aren’t at these workouts won’t be looked at in a bad way by the rest of the team.

“I don’t blame them if they’re not here,” said Brees, who is one of the plaintiffs in the players’ lawsuit against the NFL. “We have no injury protection (as we would) if we were at the facility.”You take a risk by being here.”

“This is about getting guys back in, getting guys in the flow,” Brees said. “We’ll escalate it at some point to routes.

Word is Drew is paying off a staff of trainers at Tulane University to help with the practices that the Saints would be participating in if there weren’t a lockout. This bodes well for my bet against the misguided Playboy Tre, who will change his Twitter profile to a Saints background when my guys beat his Falcons this season.

All joking aside, how can you not love this guy and the way the Saints carry themselves? If they make a deep run into the playoffs, you better believe the sports journalists will be eating this up. It’ll also be interesting to see which teams follow suit, as this may be a major publicity stunt that makes the fans sympathize with the players even more. Either way, it’s a pretty remarkable story.

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