The Age Of Love: Nuclear Revolution

03.28.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

And all this time, I knew these guys were still producing & influencing, but had no idea they were still working as a trio.

Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love blends next-level production with a unique and unconstrained blend of street wit, dirty-sex talk, tall stories, and intergalactic future sounds, and is set to become essential listening for the summer of 2009.

‘There is something powerful about the Number 3. A triangle is architectures most structurally sound shape,” explains Keith. “And there is a sense of brotherhood among us, the strong sense of purpose we all share in our will to cleanse the proverbial palette of music!’ “

That’s right. New SA-RA album, The Age of Love : Nuclear Revolution, just in time for summer. Two discs @ that. Via Ubiquity Records. In the meanwhile, they’re currently working on Diddy’s Last Train To Paris along with material for Bilal & Sleepy Brown, all the while influencing Kanye’s sartorial choices.

Holler @ us, Taz!

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