How Do 43-Yard Extra Point Kicks Sound? The NFL’s Thinking About It.

03.04.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

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Disclaimer: “Thunder” Dan Bailey is being used here because he ranks as one of the few bright spots of my Dallas Cowboys fandom. Problem? I don’t care. I hope you stub your toe getting out of bed this morning. I’m kidding. I love all of you.

As if being a kicker in the NFL wasn’t already stressful enough, there’s this.

The NFL has been considering making the traditionally-automatic “extra point” significantly less pedestrian. As it stands, the XP is a 20-yard chip shot with the ball spotted at the two-yard line. Under the potential new rule, the ball would be spotted at the 25-yard line making the kick a 43-yard suddenly stressful one-point try.

A Competition Committee memeber admits the league may toy around with the idea in preseason, but no decision has been set in stone as of yet. Say the NFL decides to move forward with the plan, and say someone like Pete Carroll runs a fake XP from such a distance and actually converts (because of course Pete Carroll would be the guy to try). I feel the same way as PFT’s Michael David Smith. Doing so should be worth three points.

There has to be some sort of incentive for a team crazy (or stupid) enough to run a fake from that far out. Then and only then could football’s most mundane play become emphatically more exciting and simultaneously more nerve-wracking.

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