Nickelus F – “Cold City”

11.03.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Life happens fast. Hard drives fill up faster. In anticipation for our impending collision with 2011, I’ve begun the arduous task of cleaning out my downloads folder. It’s amazing how many of those tracks and mixtapes you meant to check out and never around to can just pile up. Nickelus F’s Season Premiere got burn during a few runs of 2K11 last week and he made me hit the rewind button a few times to pay closer attention.

On “Cold City” the Richmond, Va. native takes us on a trip through the streets of his city and paints a vivid picture of why he’s so hellbent on making it out. Straight forward in both his words and delivery, he’ll still sneak in a line like “my humor tongue in cheek, make her put the tongue in ear/I’m 26 & plan to live another 100 years/so I watch my back,never catch me unaware/rock Hanes, never let fruits loom in my underwear…” Suffices to say, Nick secured safe passage over to 2011.


Download — Nickelus F – “Cold City”

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