Nicki Minaj’s Security Guard Chose The Wrong Time To Play Candy Crush

03.26.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

A security guard paid to protect Nicki Minaj from overzealous fans was likely fired recently when he compromised Nicki’s safety by toying with his cellphone.

It happened during Nicki’s first show at the new Autism Rocks Arena in Dubai Friday night. Instead of looking around and making sure Stan didn’t run up on stage while Nicki performed her verse from Beyonce’s “Feelin’ Myself,” the security guard was too busy checking his cellphone. A visibly upset Nicki stopped her show, stormed over to the distracted guard, and snatched his phone before slamming it to the ground in a fit of rage.

Bosses don’t usually snatch phones and toss them unless they’re Naomi Campbell, so Nicki’s actions are getting quite the feedback on social media. Some fans agree with her behavior while others feel the “Boss Ass Bitch” rapper should’ve acted a bit more professionally.

“Nicki Minaj does NOT play around! Security needs to stop being on their damn phone & do they job,” tweeted one fan. “I understand why Nicki was mad about the guy using his phone but she didn’t have to throw it,” expressed another. One fan even said he probably would’ve ended up fighting Nicki if that was his phone. “If I was security and Nicki grabbed my phone and tossed it…She would just have to see me on stage, bruh.”

This definitely doesn’t do anything for Nicki’s alleged bad attitude problem.

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