Coming Attractions: Nike Air Max 1 ‘Air Max Day’

03.17.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Words By Retro Boogie

Next Wednesday marks the 27th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1, and thankfully the newest rendition of the iconic shoe doesn’t have that damn premature fading and yellowing on the midsole. The Nike Air Max 1 ‘Air Max Day’ goes a decidedly different route with details.

The upper isn’t a true white. It’s more of an off-white, but not so much where it looks like the shoe is old as shit. The midsole is now volt, as well as the metal lace tips and tongue liner. Not bad, but not ideal either. What’s wrong with just re-releasing the white/university red/neutral grey color dammit?

Even with the changes the close up shots show some pretty promising quality in the swoosh and mudguard. And praise to the designers of these that the mesh toebox was left the hell alone.

Sadly, the ‘beasts have gotten to the pre-order but for Air Max lovers, there might be a larger restock on release day.

The Nike Air Max 1 ‘Air Max Day’ releases March 26th on Nike.




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