Coming Attractions: Nike Air Max 1 Breathe

04.14.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Nike Sportswear’s making sure everybody’s feet have cooler options available for summer with the new Air Max 1 Breathe, one of three models in the Air Max Breathe collection. They took the 30 year old model and stripped it down completely to construct a shoe that allows cool air to flow through.

The Air Max model has seen multiple variations over the years, from leather and suede to VacTech and Engineered Mesh. What the Breathe version does differently is take the shoe down to its core with any extras removed. Spacer mesh is used to create pockets of space between the upper materials for increased air flow while open-mesh uppers take care of ventilation across the rest of the shoe. Taped seams, moisture-wicking linings and soft heel counters serve dual roles of holding the build together while letting air flow through.

The Nike Air Max Breathe collection – consisting of the Air Max 1 seen here plus the Air Max Light and Air Max 90 silhouettes – will be on and at Nike Sportswear retailers beginning May 1. Since we don’t do chancletas around here, we approve NSW’s efforts with this one.

Nike Air Max 1 Breathe Collection 5

Nike Air Max 1 Breathe Collection

Nike Air Max 1 Breathe Collection 3

Nike Air Max 1 Breathe Collection 2

Nike Air Max 1 Breathe Collection 4

Nike Air Max Breathe Collection 2

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