Coming Attractions: Nike KD 7 Lifestyle

08.26.14 4 years ago 6 Comments
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A lifestyle shoe that’s actually mad stylish? Kind of a surprise. Given that Lebron’s, Kobe’s, and KD’s recent LS kicks have looked basura, I like that the Nike KD 7 Lifestyle goes a completely different route from the basketball shoe. Matter of fact, the only similarities I see between these and the actual 7s are with the placement of the swoosh. Everything else got thrown out and I like the end product.

It looks like designers tied in Durant’s work with the N7 Fund, so the shoe draws a lot of inspiration from Native American footwear. The suede looks similar to what’s seen on the butteriest of Wallys, and the sleeker sole still gives the shoe a moccasin-like appearance. And the gum sole. That will always get a co-sign from me. The Native American aesthetics are finished off with the lacing system and logos, and are done in a non-offensive manner. I’m sure the suits at Nike aren’t dumb enough to get caught up in a Redskins-like debacle. I just might ditch the desert boots for these once they release, which is rumored for fall 2014.

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