Nike’s Working On A New Signature Shoe For Scottie Pippen?

06.27.14 4 years ago 24 Comments

God bless Lara Pippen’s Instagram. First, for posting fapworthy MILF pics on a regular basis and, second, for her letting the sneaker world know that famed designer Mark Dolce is working with her husband Scottie on the Nike Pippen 6. Sure the sketches look like Chucks at this point, but I’m geeked nonetheless.

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As a kid I followed the Pippen line religiously and few shoes were more coveted to me than the Air Pippen 1. A big bulky ’90s shoe equipped with suede and a full length Air bubble was all I wanted. But it was priced WAY out of my mother’s budget so I had to settle on my boys getting their pairs and living vicariously through them. It sucked. From there, I watched the line go from bulky to something that looked like a damn caterpillar. Disappointing that both Pippen and his shoes didn’t go out with a bang.

But now there’s hope yet seeing that Nike is breathing life back into defunct signature series. Given the recent uptick in attention paid to past Nike greats with the release of Barkley Posites, the Penny Vs and Lil Penny Posites, we may even see some more quality retros in the near future. Dolce has worked on some damn famous shoes in the past so I’ll bet the over that dude will deliver in spades. Plus, it’ll give long-time Bulls fans like me something to look forward to after the team suffers another inevitable setback. *Sigh*

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