Nike Shox BB4 “USA”

06.01.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Alongside the “Dream Team” 180s and Air More Uptempos, Nike’s got other tricks up their sleeve to celebrate the upcoming London Olympics. Another upcoming model, the Shox BB4 “Olympics,” may not resonate as much for the shoe as they do the athlete and one act that will make everyone remember them.

Before there was “Linsanity,” there was “Vinsanity.” Remember when Vince Carter was young, spry and armed with explosive hops? And that one game during the 2000 Athens Games where the Dream Team III member flew right over 7’2″ French player Fred Weis? Of course, we all do. Vince Carter literally has hundreds of memorable dunks but the Olympic dunk was one that sent him to another level of recognition and stardom. During that faithful flight, VC was rocking a special edition pair of the Shox BB4s composed of a mixed upper made of white leather and obsidian nubuck suede with a metallic silver heel cup. In many minds, Vince and the Alpha Project originals are synonymous because even though they weren’t a signature model created for Carter (he did later get the Shox VC), he ended up becoming the name and face most associated with the BB4s. And a lot of that originated with one major leap for mankind.

Photos: Titolo

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