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06.07.08 10 years ago 16 Comments

Apparently, 16 is the new face of self-indulgence and narcissism.

Ever since I caught an episode of “My Super Sweet 16” on MTV wherein knuckle-faced girl proclaimed she gets what she wants because she’s “like, Princess Jasmine, duh!” I can’t stop myself from watching. This shit is incredible. And incredibly disheartening.

For me, the awkward age brings three things to mind: Clearasil, smoking bowls with my hippy boyfriend and my powder blue ’89 Honda Accord with touches of rust. Based on his episode of “My Super Stunna 16” I’m assuming that for Diddy’s stepson, Quincy Brown, 16 means bitches, riches and everything in between.

QB turned 16 at the end of 2007, but I just caught this episode last night… and I’ve never envied a teenager until I saw his birthday party and serious swag. This child had Weezy and Jay sending him video wish-you-wells, Lauren London as his date, and Chris Brown and Bow Wow performing for a thousand of his closest personal friends. He was rocking a red military-style jacket a la Michael Jackson at the 1984 American Music Awards, and said the craziest shit about his own self-importance.

But what made this episode so incredible was that he kept calling Diddy his dad, despite the fact Al B. Sure is his biological father. In fact there was no mention of Al B. Sure anywhere in there. But if Diddy gave me a Range Rover and a 50-year-old, pearly white Lincoln Continental, as well as a black AmEx to “buy whatever you want,” shiiiiit… I’d call him anything he wanted too. Dad, Daddy, Father, Pop, Emperor, Dictator, Mr. Omniscience… you name it.

Although it’s obnoxious to watch most of these 16-year-olds fancy themselves worthy of $100,000 whips, while simultaneously screaming “I hate youuuuu!” at their parents, I find comfort in Q. Brown’s loving/appreciative nature toward his parents and himself. I wish I had a little of that attitude when I was 16, rather than an intensely low self-esteem and an awesome Newport 100 habit.

Quincy Brown MTV Super Sweet 16 (Video)

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