Notable Quotable – P. Blackk On “Look Up To The Sky”

05.23.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

“I got my mind on my money while I’m clocking dough
I kill that show then I’m adiós
I’m walking the talk that you’re talking about
Gotta n*gga feeling like the man in the town
The n*ggas that was lost, understanding me now
Y’all used to hate but you fanning me now
Girls that I knew in the past looking past looking back
Even when they man be around
That’s why I gotta be, that n*gga
The n*gga that you try to be
Before I take off this year, y’all n*ggas better start blogging me
You better acknowledge me
Damn fam, ‘when they gonna Nah Right me?’
Or 2DopeBoyz and Illroots posts, I’ma start so someone got a spot like me
N*ggas not like me, and it’s not right
I’m the only nice n*gga that’s not hyped
I’m the only ill n*gga that’s not hyped
I’m the only real n*gga that’s not hyped
Talking money? I can show you what that’s not like
I ain’t got nothing
I just got mics and the heart of a lion and the mind of a giant and these tracks like Tina that I treat like Ike
N*gga uh, jam that on the one
I gotta be the one, look directly in the sun
You might go blind
And I’m fitna run
The game in a month, and that’s when I woke up

P. Blackk on “Look Up To The Sky” from the album The Greater Than Club

Although they say the first impression is supposed to be the best, that generally isn’t the case with today’s generation of new rappers. Instead of falling in line with what he perceivably was supposed to do, P. Blackk put a little determation in his vocals with the allotted space his brothers from FlyDotU gave to him on their new LP.

Not only did his double-timed flow leave the record cinged like the Petrified Forest, his blunt honesty is pretty uncommon for youngsters in his lane. Everybody wants to be in the Lambo on the first video shoot. Such foolishness belongs in the sky where the pigs have wings.

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