Notable Quotable – Young Chris On “Run To The Roc”

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I love my niggas for life, ain’t no doubt about that
My nigga (Free), My nigga (Crakk)
Blow a shot for Mack
Oschino & Sparks, them niggas my heart
Sold by plunder, keep it 100 from the start
‘Whole Prop, we was fresh off the block like what
Came at Nas, came at the Lox
Ain’t give a fuck
Whoever came at Big Homie had a problem with us
See we was all we knew, in Roc-A-Fella we trust
Now this bullshit split-up, fucked the whole shit up
Knocked us back to scraddles, fuck we get back to that?
Niggas need you Big Homie, gotta get back to rap
I mean vet’s expect 16, said you had my back
Now we back out on the corner, niggas laugh at that
Seeing Neef out on the streets, how you ain’t mad at that?
Let alone niggas plan my demise
Tough Luv, Big Homie you ain’t stand by my side
How can I…Run to the Roc…


Young Chris from “Run To The Roc” off the album The Broad Street Bully

AmpGeez a.k.a. Hate Me Now, Thank Me Later Says:

Jay failed for not grooming some young MC’s to rep the brand. You gotta give it to Dame cause it’s obvious who had the vision at Roc-A-Fella.

Does Young Chris even have Hov’s number?

It sure doesn’t appear that way. Regardless of when this was recorded (most likely circa The B. Coming,) the verse still retains much of its implications. The Blueprint 3 highlights appearances from fresh faces such as KiD CuDi, J. Cole and Drake; a subliminal shot to the gut that Big Homie is “off that” Dynasty rubbish.

To his credit however, Young Chris hasn’t strayed from the path that’s brought him the most success. How many former foot soldiers can you think of that stuck in the game for better or worse? And put out credible product at that? Hov or no Hov, the young gunner has kept his clip full for the shootout. Even if he did have to hustle for bullets.

Diamonds are forever my ass.

Download — Young Chris – The Network Mixtape

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