OBEY’s Shepard Fairey Explains Shepard Fairey In New Documentary

06.29.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

Shepard Fairey Obey This Film Lead

The name Shepard Fairey and the work that corresponds with the name – this and the OBEY brand – might be familiar for many, the actual face attached to both of those things familiar to only some. But the short documentary, Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film, ties all three together, allowing the Charleston, S.C., native to explain his career, artwork and ethos.

Filmed in conjunction with Fairey’s “Power and Glory” exhibition at his hometown’s Halsey Institute, the 11-minute film is an interesting watch, providing the context and “oh, that was him?” moments that many art neophytes might not be aware of. For those-in-the-know, it allows Fairey’s side of the story to criticism that he’s sold out; however, he makes no mention of the criticism that he’s just ripping off other peoples’ work.

Watch the whole thing below.

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