Oxford Dictionary’s Transformation Into Urban Dictionary Near Completion

08.14.14 4 years ago 9 Comments
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Every year Oxford Dictionaries throws red-blooded Americans into a brief tizzy with its list of additions that it considers modern English.

This year’s batch includes words like “amazeballs,” “cray,” “hot mess,” “mansplain,” “side boob” and “throw shade,” which shows a few things:

1. Oxford Dictionaries is super behind the times if “cray” is an entry.

2. Words like “time-poor” must’ve been picked up from briefly glancing a city’s Trending topics

3. The organization really, really wants to be that barometer of what all the kids are doing these days.

Time compiled a clean list of this year’s grammatical homicides here, but just remember that the official Oxford English Dictionary is not recognizing the entrants. That would require kids generations from now using #YOLO earnestly while they jump from their hoverboards onto the dried lakebed of what was once Lake Tahoe but has thusly become the world’s largest trampoline after global warming sucked California dry.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed that “click-bait.”

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