Part Time Delivers Lo-FI Excuse To Spend Endlessly On ‘Merchandise’

08.25.14 4 years ago


We don’t get many submissions labeled as ‘new wave rock pop.’ So, spinning Part Time’s single “Merchandise” was welcomed. The latest track from CA singer/producer Davida Loca is dedicated to all those materialistic things we can’t live without, but carries more of zombie-like tone than anything overly showy. That being said, the lo-fi production is where the track really stands out, playfully carried by an eclectic bounce that could serenade a carnival. Despite the uptempo vibe, easygoing is an understatement on this one.

Anyone looking to buy into the song’s trance-like message can purchase this ditty and the rest of his H.F.M. cassette tape from Plastic Response Records here.

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