Paul George Addresses The “Gay Man Catfished Him Into Sending Nude Pics” Story

03.25.14 4 years ago 28 Comments

Paul George

Over the weekend, Indiana Pacers star Paul George woke up to find his nudes all over the Internet.

Apparently, a gay guy, also named Paul, allegedly catfished PG and few other high-profile stars into sending dirty pics by pretending to be a “thick white girl”.

Now the basketball star is coming out to deny the whole thing, insisting that he wasn’t catfished and haters gon’ hate.

Via Indystar:

“The whole story, as far as me being catfished, I know the girl that sent the pictures out,” George said after the Pacers’ shootaround. “It wasn’t a catfish story, it was a girl – I don’t want to get into the story but I know who’s behind it.”

“I’m good. A lot of it is just stuff trying to bring me down,” George said. “I’m good with it. The thing that just came out, it’s all a fake. It really don’t have any wear on me because I know it’s not true.”

Meanwhile, Pacers been 0-2 since the nudes leaked.

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