The Paula Patton Twerking Tour Continues On ‘Arsenio Hall Show’

10.02.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

paula patton twerk arsenio hall

I understand she’s a married woman and I’m a fan of her husband’s music. But if Paula Patton is out here dishing out community twerks, I want in.

Continuing her rounds for her newly released film, Baggage Claim, my celebrity infatuation stopped by Arsenio’s new digs to discuss all things pertinent. And by that, I mean she had to address the Miley Cyrus VMA stunt, again. To her credit, she plays it off by still seeming more than willing to discuss the topic for the 195th time. One thing leads to another and before anyone realizes what’s going on, Paula’s a twerkin’ on Arsenio.

Of course, all this comes in moderation because Robin’s the one receiving platinum club twerks (lucky son of a bitch), but cats like Al Roker and Arsenio don’t deserve all that azz being back up on them. Sooner or later, Paula’s true skills will need to be put to test on a non-effeminate dude. Like myself.

Paula, we conduct interviews over here, you know? And Paula, #HeyBoo.

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Photo: Arsenio

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