Pete Rock Issues Statement Regarding Lupe Fiasco Sample Squabble

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05.26.12 17 Comments

On Friday, Pete Rock issued a statement to better clarify his stance in the ongoing argument with Lupe over “Around My Way” and the use of the now infamous Tom Scott and The California Dreamers’ “Today” sample. Rock’s statement comes after Lupe took his side to radio and the words seem to be what Lupe was alluding to when he kept mentioning the producer had agreed to say certain things to help repair damage done to Fiasco’s image.

“It’s true that Lupe Fiasco’s representative from Atlantic Records contacted me last fall and he did so while I was in mourning over the sudden death of my cousin Heavy D. I gave the representative a conditional “yes” to use T.R.O.Y. for Lupe’s album but only based on the condition that I be involved on the project. It’s what I always say when approached by people who want to use that particular song. I was never contacted again. At no point was there any follow up from Atlantic Records. Now, the story gets twisted and it’s being said that I said “yes.” The part about my conditions has been left out to make me seem like I’m a hypocrite. When I heard about the song again, it was done, completed, and playing on the radio…and that was Monday night.”

Technically, there was no crime committed with the release of Lupe’s version of my song. Technically, the song can be out there but I’m not talking about legalities. I’m asking: Where’s the respect for the code among artists?…T.R.O.Y was a career-defining song has gotten me invited to the White House. It’s not just because people think the production is dope. It’s also because of what the song stands for. I want my music to touch people but I don’t want to be walked over or lied on in the process.”

I admit that my outburst on Monday night on Twitter was based on my reminiscing about Heav and Troy. I think about them every day. I apologize for being emotional about this. I had no intentions of hurting Lupe’s career. That’s not me. I’m known for building up not breaking down careers. Moving forward, I’m 100% in control and focused on what’s good.”

Click here to read Pete’s words in full.

By the sound of it, Pete and Lupe both agreed to throw Atlantic under the bus, which is 100% okay in my book. Hopefully, further talks on this issue can be held behind closed doors without the need for any other public discussion, Twitter mini-diatribes or radio rants.

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