Noisemakers With Peter Rosenberg & Nas

03.30.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Amidst an intimate setting at The Belmont in Austin, TX a few weeks back, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg orchestrated the latest installment of his Noisemakers interview series*, which highlighted the current legend of the hour – Nas. Although the QB king started off shaky, Rosenberg managed to help bridge the gap and get an introspective diagnosis from the author behind some of his favorite genre’s classic LPS, as Nasty explained everything from MC Serch giving him a break to getting phone calls from Michael Jackson. Plus, once the familiarity set in, the unique setting really helped separate their dialogue from any old interview, creating a casual atmosphere and conversation for fans to soak in.

If you can’t watch this 30-minute Hip-Hop history lesson in full, you might want to wait until you can, or else you may just miss answers to questions you’ve been wondering for years.

*Shoutout to Trackstar behind the boards during the whole session

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