Peyton & Eli Manning Enter The World Of Hip-Hop With #FootballOnYourPhone

08.07.13 5 years ago 16 Comments

In some ways, Peyton and Eli Manning are the closest thing we have in sports to Dale and Brennan. And while their new rap video for “Football On Your Phone” fails to eclipse the greatness that was “Boats & Hoes,” there’s still plenty of laughs to be had regardless.

#FOYP is the latest installment of the Manning brothers foray into endorsements, this time helping promote DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Max. The video obviously isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but with Peyton and Eli now rapping, here’s to hoping Eli isn’t backed into a corner and forced to apologize for his blatant, cold-blooded diss to Alexander Graham Bell. Because, as we’re well aware, rappers and apologizing is all the rage these days.*

Anywho, one more hat tip to Archie’s boys on yet another quality advertisement. Now, I’ll have to go back to hating Eli because Dallas has the Giants first game of the season in Dallas. And I’m sick and damn tired of Eli treating Dallas like a home game with his perfect 4-0 record at Eli Manning Memorial Stadium otherwise known as AT&T Stadium better known as “Jerry’s World.” This year, it’s personal.


* – Peyton and Eli still have more successful rap careers than these two fine financially irresponsible gentlemen. And Desean Jackson.

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