Broadway Bound?: Phil Jackson Reportedly Close To Accepting Front Office Position With Knicks

03.10.14 4 years ago 12 Comments
Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks

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Talk about coming full circle.

Phil Jackson went from role player on the last Knicks team to win a championship (1973), to coaching a team that dismantled the Knicks’ heart for basically an entire decade (minus 1994), to coaching the other “sexy” franchise on the opposite coast to five titles to landing right back on Broadway.

And somewhere in between all that he established a Twitter friendship with Kendrick Lamar.

After being speculated for days, the announcement is reportedly all but official as the 13-time world champion is expected to sign on for a high-ranking role in the Knicks’ front office.* The exact title has yet to be released, but Big Show will be a major player in basketball-related decisions for a franchise that has become known as much for their mediocrity than their high profile.

Much of the discussion about Jackson moving east will center around the immediate future of the team, most notably with Carmelo Anthony. Does he stay? Is the signing a subliminal shot to Chicago preparing for perhaps an all-out pursuit of Melo’s services this summer? Does Melo opt in for one more year now and join a possibly ridiculous 2015 free agent class? Mike Woodson? How much has Phil’s opinion of Melo changed since his “clumsy” comments about the team two years ago?

Hold on, there’s more.

Can Phil convince other GM’s to indulge in peyote where he convinces them to take Amar’e Stoudemire and J.R. “Shoelace” Smith’s contracts in exchange for draft picks the Knicks traded away in years past? So what happens at Knicks/Lakers games now? Are Jeanie and Phil not allowed to sit with each other? What hurts worse for Lakers fans: having Chris Paul for three hours or having Phil Jackson ready and willing to coach last year’s team before Jim Buss went full Jim Buss? And you never go full Jim Buss. And if Jim Buss is bad, what’s it going to be like working with James Dolan?

Whatever the case, Phil allegedly is “bored and wants a challenge.”

Wish granted.

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