Pill – “I Like The Way You Do It”

11.16.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Contrary to what a lot of these rappers say, none of them are gangsta 24/7. It’s literally impossible. They all let their guard down down when it comes to chasing the opposite sex. Now, the manner they decide to do this varies from clever to corny to everything in between and is another conversation altogether.

Pac said a long time ago making music for the ladies was the way to sell records because guys will buy whatever will increase their chances to “win her attention.” This is exactly why Pill’s new record should come as no surprise. The young man who has made a name expressing the plight of his Pink City community changes the vibe to a more festive topic.

With the framework laid down by the always reliable Tha Bizness, “I Like The Way You Do It” is that ‘drive-home-from-the-club-slightly-buzzed’ music. Who knows where this will eventually end up though.


DownloadPill – “I Like The Way You Do It” (Prod. By Tha Bizness)

Seen: DGB

Bonus: Money never came to a sleeping man and over the past few weeks Pill has started his own cult on Twitter dedicated to abstaining from counting sheep. Here’s their anthem.


DownloadPill – “#NoSleepGang”

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