Did I Really Like This? – Pras’ “Ghetto Superstar”

03.15.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

You know the ’90s were a different time when a song like “Ghetto Superstar” became a smash hit. You couldn’t escape its grasp on the airwaves and, for a hot second, it looked like a fragmented Fugees collective could’ve had their own piece of the mainstream pie. Never mind the song’s humble beginnings as a single for the Bulworth…until it eclipsed the film’s popularity in no time.

Then again, as a youth this song had that “eh” effect on me. It wasn’t bad enough to skip but not really a joint worth THAT much excitement. ODB’s humorous bars and delivery made the track go at first.

Plus, this would’ve been a great time to crack a joke about Pras but let’s not tread down that beaten path.

Bits and pieces of fun times in the summer of ’98 come back on initial spins. However, images of the good ol’ days don’t distract from “Ghetto Superstar’s” no frills rap n’ b feel. I mean, it’s weird to say a song with Ol’ Dirty Bastard feels pedestrian as a whole but it kind of does.

Also, how the hell did the video shoot have Mya AND Halle Berry with so little screen time between them? Francis Lawrence and Warren Beatty got some explaining to do…fifteen years after the fact.

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