TDE’s President Punch Proves He’s Got Bars With “Untitled”

06.30.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Punch TDE

TDE diehards know that at Punch, the otherwise elusive president of the company, steps out from behind the curtain every once in a while behind the mic to drop the occasional record or two. Prior to the label blowing up, he was often featured on records from all four Black Hippy artists but fell back once things started picking up, in favor of putting the focus on the emcees. He did, however, appear on These Days… as an uncredited feature on “Dub Sac.”

His verses are usually full of substance, and knowledge with the feel of that older head sharing wisdom to the youngins in need of guidance (see Kendrick’s “Faith” for a shining example) and “Untitled” has those same elements. Punch has confirmed to have completed Project Window, a full length project that’s been locked up in the vault for some time now.

But who knows. “Untitled” could either be a flash in the pan, or a sign that Project Window may see the light of day after all to be the unofficial seventh album from TDE in 2014.


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