QOTD: Who Was The Better Basketball Player: Sidney Dean Or Billy Hoyle?

Contributing Writer
03.27.16 13 Comments

It’s been 24 years since White Men Can’t Jump first graced the silver screen. Yes, the ’90s were a long time ago, you’re really old and so is Billy Hoyle’s quest to prove Sidney Dean, and the rest of the world wrong, one elusive dunk at a time. It has everything: a love story, a tale of brotherhood, basketball, some dope sneakers, a fly hat (Billy’s), some awful hats (everything Sidney puts on his head), prime Rosie Perez and so much more.

As you know, eventually Billy and Sidney finally take down the legendary King and Duck, which earns Billy enough cash to pay off the Stucci brothers and Sidney enough to move out of the Vista View Apartments. It’s a happy ending but there still is one loose end to tie up. As the movie ends they’re doing just that, playing a game of 1-on-1 to finally figure out who’s the better ball player but then the credits roll. So the question remains: Who was the better basketball player, Billy or Sidney?

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