QOTD: What Has Been Your Worst Dating Experience, Ever?

02.14.13 5 years ago 85 Comments

I hate sharing food. I absolutely hate the thought of it. So when a young lady who shall remain nameless began eating my food while I dropped my head to say grace, I damn near flipped a table. To add more substance to the scene, I was a somewhat broke college student at the time and there was this girl I’d been talking to. She seemed cool and we were obviously both single, so my usual approach telling her to bring a Dutchmaster and dime to my apartment and match one was temporarily put to side. I actually took her to an upscale establish to grab a bite to eat.*

To my surprise, by the time I lifted my head, she was already taking a bite out of my quesadilla. This doesn’t sound like the date from hell, but again, I truly despise sharing food. And I absolutely love quesadillas. I mean seriously, money was (and still is) an object and there were only four slices on my plate. By the time I realized what was going down, 25% of my meal was already gone. Yes, I was pissed. Yes, I let her know how pissed I was. And no, I damn sure didn’t get any ass out the deal, but it didn’t matter. A man only has his morals and principles to live by. Plus, I was in college, too. And if getting some was an issue in college, then, well, that’s on you. You wasted a four year paid vacation for essentially nothing.

Enough about me though. I know for a fact you can top that, so spill the beans. What’s yours?

* – It was Applebees, by the way.

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