Question Of The Day: Which Coach Had The Bigger Fail – Ozzie Guillen Or Bobby Petrino?

04.11.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

Oh, leave it to the sports world to generate its fair share of headlines for the week. On Tuesday morning, the Miami Marlins suspended new manager Ozzie Guillen for his remarks praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. On Tuesday night, Athletic Director Jeff Long dismissed Petrino, due to a “pattern of misleading and manipulative behavior” after Petrino had a wreck on his hog while carrying a hot piece of tail named Jessica Dorrell, then lying about it and setting off a messy chain of events.

The Marlins apparently never considered firing Guillen but will he and the team recover? The franchise has always had crappy attendance – even when they’re contending for championships – and bringing in Guillen, who’s Venezuelan, seemed like a perfect pairing to go with the team’s glossy gazillion dollar, work of art stadium all in an effort to court Miami’s Hispanic community. On the other side of the equation, Petrino’s done much to improve Arkansas’ standing in the uber-competitive SEC. So much success that the university was said to be considering keeping the coach, transgressions be damned. Now, we can almost expect the football team to return to the conference cellar soon.

So, of the two coaches, who exhibited the bigger fail?

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