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09.01.14 3 years ago 11 Comments

R.I.P. MSN Messenger [Forbes]

Why Uber Must Be Stopped [Salon]

Bye, Google Maps. [Zach Hamed]

Derek Jeter’s Goodbye [The New Yorker]

Why You Should Be a Misfit (Not a Bro) [Bad-Words]

San Francisco Exhales During ‘Burning Man Exodus’ [Bits Blog]

What Your 1st-Grade Life Says About The Rest Of It [Washington Post]

A Welcome Return for the Converse Weapon Mid [size?]

13 Fictional Athletes You Wished Were Real [Jack Threads]

Tracy Morgan ‘Having A Tough Time’ Recovering From Crash Injuries [NJ]

Michael Sam Has a Spot in History, if Not With the Rams [NYT]

The Price of Modern Life Is Depression And Loneliness? [Ideas At House]

Apple, American Express Reportedly Reach Agreement For Mobile Payments [The Verge]

If You Are ‘Waiting For The Facts’ From The Ferguson Police, You Will Be Waiting For The Rest Of Your Life [Esquire]

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