Racism & Humor All In One Cotton-Picking Video

04.12.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Click around the ‘net enough in a day and there’s always stories and videos labeled “hilarious,” “awesome” and other colorful adjectives. The billing doesn’t always live up to the hype. Like everything, there are exceptions to the rule and I think this clip may be the case.

Last night, my surfing lead me to Giant, where I found the “funniest, yet racist” video below. As usual, I read the description, which I’ve included an excerpt of.

“We recently stumbled upon this hysterical video of a University of Alabama student named Kendall sharing his experience of a horribly racist, jaw dropping field trip to a cotton processing plant he attended back in third grade with 28 of his black classmates. The students who were accompanied by their white teacher were sent to the fields to pick raw cotton under the hot August heat like it was no big deal. Kendall admits he had fun and didn’t see anything wrong with the trip…until his mother found out.”

Being a natural skeptic, I was thinking “Nah, sounds racist but I ain’t too sure about funniest.” I clicked play on the video and, by the end, I was head down on my desk, doubled-over in tears. The guy Kendall’s storytelling skills are a riot, a lot of it because his accent. But two lines that killed me:

1. “Where the hell did you get unprocessed, raw cotton from?”

2. “You fuckin soulless bitch!”

Feel free to share with someone. It’s Friday and who doesn’t need a good laugh?

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