After Troy Ave, Let’s Look Back At 5 Other Times Rappers Viciously Crossed The Line In A Battle

03.02.16 2 years ago 22 Comments
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For a still relatively young genre, hip-hop fans have a very short memory. Rappers have been saying disgusting, low-account, unforgivable things since forever. Remember when a certain Brooklyn rapper threatened to have his friend rape his enemy’s child and then toss him off a bridge? That wasn’t some horrorcore nobody. That was the beloved Notorious B.I.G. Remember when DMX f*cked a corpse? And those lines weren’t even directed at anyone in particular. They’re child’s play compared to some of the things rappers have said about spouses, children, and parents in the midst of battle.

Yes, Troy Ave went too far in his diss to Joey Bada$$, but going too far in a diss record is almost as hip-hop as shell toe adidas or having 30 people on stage with you during a performance. Of course, there may be unforeseen consequences associated with crossing these lines, but maybe Ave is ready or even welcoming them. While you ponder that, let’s take a little trip down memory lane to hip-hop and look at some other times when rappers may have overstepped.

Ja Rule – “Loose Change (Freestyle)”

“Em, you claim your mother’s a crackhead and Kim is a known slut/So what’s Hailie gonna be when she grows up”

Hailie, of course, is Eminem’s daughter. She was seven years old at the time, but Ja Rule had no problem bringing her into his battle. This was an intense battle that spiraled out of control, was violent at times, and included almost the entire G-Unit and Aftermath rosters. Everyone from children, DJs, and even magazine publishers took fire. No one involved came away unscathed.

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