“Real Rap”

07.20.08 10 years ago 26 Comments

Words By K1NG

Whenever Lil’ Wayne comes up in some kind of hip hop debate, it starts a long circular conversation between people who think he’s the best thing since the iPod and people who think he might be more Rain Man than Superman. I’m usually on the “hater” side of that conversation as the Weezy fan’s tend to call it, but what they don’t understand is that I have great respect for Wayne as a rapper. Tha Carter I and II were both 4 cig albums in my book. But once he started doing off the wall vocoder songs and considering himself a Martian, I feel like he devolved from his former self considerably.

Today, I was perusing the innernuts when I came across a new song from the Hollygrove rapper that made me give a sigh of relief. “Real Rap” is exactly what the title alludes to; Lil’ Wayne speaking in his normal, unaffected voice, about real life issues that affect his day to day thinking over a beautiful sample mixed with some down south drums and synthesizers that change up more than Rihanna’s haircut.


Lil’ Wayne – Real Rap

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