“Pump, Pu-Pump It Up…”

11.23.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

Despite my affinity for Nike’s, I think it’s Reebok that cemented my appreciation for sneakers.  I got a pair of the Blacktop Pumps right before third grade and I was on top on the world.  I don’t know how I convinced my mom to get those at JC Pennys, but she did.  About a week later I had to take them back because she saw on the news that several kids had been killed over them over where  I caught the bus for school everyday.  Because even though I didn’t live  in the hood per se, I lived close enough to “uzi alley” that I didn’t get a lot of the shoes I would’ve got until middle school & the area toned down a bit.  I really can’t blame her though looking back, seeing how I got in fights over something as trivial as an Archie comic book.


But enough going down memory lane.  This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Pump.  As much disdain I have for Reebok’s in general, they’ve produced a couple models I can proudly say I owned.  Taking a low key approach in celebrating The Pump, they’ve hooked up with several highly recognized boutiques across the country to collaborate on 20th anniversary editions of the shoe.

Packer Shoes in New Jersey was one of the stores selected to participate and they went a step above & beyond, by having 5th Platoon’s DJ Vinroc compile a mix to accompany their shoe., featuring clips of NBA announcers marveling over Dominique highlights spliced into the tracks.


Download — DJ Vinroc – “Human Highlight Film” Mix

Below, the Packers’ owner Mike speaks his piece on the shoe.

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